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EPSON BrightLink EB-760Wi EPSON BrightLink EB-760Wi
(£1,678.80 inc VAT)
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EPSON EB-L265F 4600lm Standard Throw Projector
(£1,422.60 inc VAT)
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Projection Screen Information

Welcome to our information page to help you choose the right Sapphire Screen for your environment
What Format Screen do we need?
In general terms there are four aspect ratios or formats in mainstream general use. These are shown below with some comments. However the starting point is the native resolution of your projector. This is often quoted as resolution and can be found out easily from a trawl on the internet. Common examples are 800x600 (4:3) 1024x768(4:3) 1280x720(16:9)1920x1080(16:9). The second probably less important consideration is the screen resolution of your computer (this can be changed for presenting to match the projector). 
Video Format explanation
Why would I need 4:3 Ratio projection screen?
If you are using a standard resolution projector  (ie 1024x768 is actually 4:3) and your content is primarily "video format" you should buy this aspect ratio screen. If your computer is also putting out the video format (screen resolution is NOT Widescreen)  then it is clear that all your information is based on the 4:3 format and this is what to buy. If your laptop is widescreen then you can go either way as you will not have the perfect match if you have a 4:3 ratio projector.
Practical considerations in an installed situation are that all projectors will do 4:3 or 16:9 - however a 4:3 ratio projector will do 16:9. It does this by sqeezing the picture and leaving a white areas at the top and bottom of the viewing area when it changes the aspect ratio to 16:9 (widescreen). However a 4:3 ratio projector run in widescreen to fill a 16:9 screen will not work in 4:3 as it will make the picture taller than the screen white area, unless you move the projector forward.
Most corporate situations use 4:3 at the present time. Most home situations use 16:9 screens.
Widescreen Format Screens
Why would I need 16:9 Ratio projector screen?
Generally this is used for home cinema where widescreen DVD's are used.  can of course also be used for widescreen computer aspects although see comments on 16:10 below. If you have a projector with an aspect ratio of widescreen 16:9 then you should buy a widescreen 16:9 screen.
If you have a 4:3 projector and you want to use ONLY 16:9 content and the projector is installed then maybe you should go for a 16:9 screen. It will look tidier as there will not be white areas top and bottom. If you have a 4:3 ratio projector installed and want to use both aspects then BUY A 4:3 ratio screen.
Square Format
Why would I need 1:1 Ratio projection screen?
If you are likely to use an old style Overhead Projector or a slide projector you would need this as they project a square image onto the electric projector screen. They can be used as a 4:3/ 16:9/16:10 computer projector screen as well by stopping the projection screen before it is fully extended so that it creates the right ratio.  
They are often bought as well when you have a very high ceiling or stage and want extra drop on the screen fabric. This is still very popular in manual screens or areas where you are not sure what people will be requiring. Our large electric square formats are often bought for installation over stages (unless of course you need a very big drop in which case you need to consider the Sapphire "Smart Move" screens.
16:10 ratio
Why would I need 16:10 Ratio projection screen?
If you using a widescreen computer as your source and you have a 16:10 aspect ratio projector then these are the screens to match your set up. It is a new format that is continuing to grow and we are increasing our range of screens in this aspect ratio.

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